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K.S. Srinivas, MPEDA chairman noted that the black tiger prawn supplied from the nine-acre MAC has been showing “excellent” performance in various parts of the state. “We knew that increased production of the black tiger variety can boost India’s shrimp exports in the long run.

We are seeing the early signs of it happening,” he added. “Recently, I visited some of the aquaculture farms to understand the field performance of the seeds from our facility. Our seeds are doing very well. The farmers’ comments are encouraging.

MPEDA had in February begun supplying black tiger shrimp seeds from its new multi-species aquaculture complex (MAC) at Vallarpadam.


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Certification of hatcheries for production of antibiotic free seed has emerged as one of the main interventions to free Indian aquaculture from the use of antibiotics. This is also seen as a tool to improve the consumer confidence. To produce quality seed, free from residues of antibiotics and chemicals, hatcheries need to operate adopting Better Management Practices (BMPs).

Ensuring proper bio-security measures and adoption of science based BMPs, including responsible use of chemicals and antibiotics are the keys to this. There are four main routes by which pathogens could enter the production units; Water is one the main source and therefore the water intake and filtration system should be adequate to care of this threat. The other threats being animals.

the feed and cross contamination through human beings, which needs to be taken care in the Good Management Practices. Therefore, the present certification system lays stress on these aspects and the standards are formulated to achieve this. The certification scheme is in conformity with the FAO guidelines on Certification of Aquaculture.

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